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Hanoi Trade Joint Stock Corporation is operating under the model of mother and daughter companies with 33 member companies.

Our scopes of business comprise:

– Exporting , agricultural produces, processed food,beverages, garments handicrafts,and consumer goods.
– Importing machineries, equipment, materials for production and consumer goods.
– Distributing, retailing with a system of shopping center, super markets, convenient stores, and specialized merchandised stores.
– Providing services: restaurants, tourisms, downtown duty free shops, logistics.
– Manufacturing, processing: food, spices, beverages, handicrafts, garments.
– Investment in trading infrastructure, shopping centers, office for lease, financial investment.

  Hanoi Trade Joint Stock Corporation is one of the leading corporations in Vietnam in export, import, production, trade, providing services. We have received many awards, prizes including: Good Reputation Exporter Award given by Vietnam Commerce and Industry Ministry for several continuous years, Gold Elite Enterprise Award, Vietnam Super Brand Award, Top Trade Service 2007 Award given by Vietnam Commerce and Industry Ministry etc

Brand name: Hapro

Brand mission: We are operating in Trade, Service, Production, and Investment. We do our best effort for the benefit and satisfaction of Vietnamese and international customers.

Development orientation:

– A corporation of multi-business with strong financial and human resource

– Leading brand in Vietnam; high competition capability.

– Expanding our business in all Vietnam, in the region and worldwide; Achieving high economical efficiency.

Quality Objective:

– Hapro ensures to provide goods and services that satisfy all committed agreements.

– Hapro always improves quality of its products and services, to satisfy customers’ higher and higher demand.

– Hapro is a reliable partner and a loyal companion of customers.

Hanoi Trade Corporation is a leading producer and exporter of Vietnamese handicrafts and Agriculture Produces. We have a wide range of products that have been exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, North & South Africa.

* Our agri-produces and food stuff are of high quality, competitive prices:

- Agricultural products: Cashew nut, black pepper, rice, coffee beans, desiccated coconut, star aniseed, cinamon, dried chilli, garlic, onion, other spices etc.

- Canned/picked vegetable & fruits: canned pineapple, canned straw mushroom - canned lychees, baby cucumber, pickled cherry tomato, pickled onion, pickled sweet corn kernel, pickled whole baby corn, sliced bamboo, sliced bamboo shoot with chilli, chilli paste, pickled chilli etc- Canned meat & fish: pork, beef, tuna, sardine in vegetable oil/tomato paste etc - Dried fruits: Papaya, jack-fruit, banana, pineapple, mango, lychee, longan pulp etc.