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Being established since 1991, Haprosimex Saigon has been known to be one of the largest handicrafts exporters in Vietnam. Over 20 years of experience in doing business to construct the image of a stable and powerful Haprosimex Saigon, our company then became a large corporation under the name HANOI TRADE CORPORATION

Hanoi Trade Corporation is a State owned corporation established under the Decision N0 129/2004QD-TTg dated 14 July 2004 signed by the Prime Minister and that of Hanoi People committee dated 11 August 2004 on establishing the corporation following the parent-subsidiary model. 

The parent company - Hanoi Trade Corporation is a legal entity, has its own seal, directly manages its business function and holds its ownership's responsibility and liability of the invested capital in the subsidiary companies, joint stock companies, joint venture and associated companies.

Subsidiaries are one-member state-owned limited liability companies, state companies, joint-stock companies, joint-venture companies in which Hapro holds shares.

Hanoi Trade Corporation is a leading producer and exporter of Vietnamese handicrafts and Agriculture Produces. We have a wide range of products that have been exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, North & South Africa.

* Our handicraft products are very diversified

- Outdoor wares (Gardening, ceramic planter, wooden wares, terrazzo lamp, sea chair etc)
- Furniture (table, desk, bench, chair, stool, saloon, cabinet, shelves, etc)
- Basketry and trays (shopping bags, magazine rack, fruit basket, serving trays, bread basket,  basket for wine bottle, laundry basket, trash can, etc)
- Decoration (living rooms, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, etc)
- Embroideries
- Bathroom accessories (laundry basket, towel, trunks, trays etc)
- Hats (fashionable hats, beach hats, etc)
- Curtains (blinds, partition, etc)
- Rugs and mats

- Cosmetic: shampoo, shower cream, soap, washing powder, toothpaste, toothbrush, fabric softener, etc

Hapro's business expansion is closely associated with the development of Vietnamese Handicraft Villages which has significantly contributed to creating new job opportunities and improving income of the farmers. Thanks to the revival of the traditional Handicraft villages, the farmers can spend their leisure time to produce traditional handicrafts for exporting. So far, Hapro has successfully revived Chu Dau hand-made pottery village - the oldest Vietnamese pottery village that died since 15th century. Hapro has done research, modified and introduced Chu Dau's pottery products to many customers domestically and internationally.

* Our agri-produces and food stuff are of high quality, competitive prices:

- Agricultural products: Black pepper, rice, coffee beans, desicated coconut, gum rosin, star aniseed, cinamon, dried chilli, garlic, onion, other spices etc.

- Canned/picked vegetable & fruits: canned pineapple, canned straw mushroom - canned lychees, baby cucumber, pickled cherry tomato, pickled onion, pickled sweet corn kernel, pickled whole baby corn, sliced bamboo, sliced bamboo shoot with chilli, chilli paste, pickled chilli etc- Canned meat & fish: pork, beef, tuna, sardine in vegetable oil/tomato paste etc - Dried fruits: Papaya, jack-fruit, banana, pineapple, mango, lychee, longan pulp etc.